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Radical Healing  .  Radical Acceptance

Through the Way of Horse

."Believing that something is wrong with us is a deep and tenacious suffering."  Our stressful and competitive society fosters a culture of all-encompassing fears, crippling self-judgments, suppressed emotions, addictions and depression, loneliness and busyness.  These forces can leave us feeling anxious, disconnected and unworthy of love and acceptance - believing that not only is something wrong, but something is wrong with me.

This Radical Acceptance workshop provides tangible exercises and fundamental skills for Radical Healing. By understanding the Trance of Unworthiness, as defined by Tara Brach, we can step back from our conditioned responses and stories with 'The Sacred Pause.'  With beginner's mind we relearn how to be fully present and awake, breaking through pain and shame to reclaim the joy and peace that is inherent within us. 

Inspired by two amazing and transformational authors; Tara Brach's, "Radical Acceptance: Embracing your life with the Heart of a Buddha,"  and Linda Kohanov's "The Power of the Herd,"  this five

session workshop is a step by step path to a revolution in conscious awareness with Horse as our teacher and guide.  

Horses are masters of living in the present moment without judgement.  Linda writes, "Horses exhibit exceptional emotional agility: They experience each moment openly and authentically, blazing through fear, power, excitement, loss, playfulness and unmitigated joy.  And then they go back to grazing."  Horses mirror who we are.  Breathing in sync with their mindful acceptance, we learn to heal and accept our own selves  at our deepest, most intimate core with compassion,love and acceptance.


  Workhop Elements

  • Understanding the Trance of Unworthiness
  • Using emotions as information.  Recognizing and moving beyond conditioned behaviors and thought patterns that fuel suffering. Letting emotions go is easier than you expect.
  • Awakening from the Trance:  The Sacred Pause in the face of fear is the gateway to a more creative and authentic presence
  • Guided visualizations and meditations
  • Coming home to our body.  Body Scan: using the body as a sentient tuner for mindfulness 
  • Exploring and setting boundaries:  Establishing and maintaining clear and consistent personal space
  • Awakening Compassion together:  Essential Skills for building authentic community
  • Hands on activities with horses as guides.  Participate in at least 4 exercises with a horse.

​** HORSE EXPERIENCE IS NOT NECESSARY. All work is on the ground.  No riding

Sessions are scheduled individually 60 minutes to 90 minutes     $50-75

Sessions will be held at nearby Stables

Please call or email with any questions.   

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This Workshop is inspired by: 

Radical Acceptance:  Embracing your Life with the Heart of a Buddha, Tara Brach

The Power of the Herd,  Linda Kohanov