All activities are on the ground in a safe environment.  There is No riding involved. NO Experience is necessary.  All classes and workshops start with horse safety and understanding. I guarantee you will receive what you come for.

Reclaim your Wise Woman, Man, Elder 

Horses have much to teach us.  With this fun introductory course, you may amaze yourself on what you can discover about your true authentic self. This is just one of many course offerings suited to your interests, needs and desires.

Chose a skill session:

  • Learn the art of setting boundaries, create stronger relationships.
  • Understand emotions as information. Renew hope, listen with whole body
  • Explore the science of Heart Math, breathing for clarity and peace 
  • Learn the art of Wu Wei, the practice of non-doing,  access inner wisdom
  • Introduction to Radical Acceptance through mindfulness and compassion

Short Sessions   Workshops    Resources

Why Horses:  Introduction to partnering with Horses

  • Safety, respect, mutual support, grounding principles of partnering with Horses

The Power of Presence: Regain Your personal power with Emotional Intelligence 

  • Body Awareness leads to creative energy, confidence and empowerment

  •  Understanding your Emotions and they information they hold

  • Understanding Anger and Frustration - creating Healthy Boundaries and self sufficiency

  • Understanding Fear and Vulnerability - maintain safety and insights for change

  • Understanding Disappointment, Sadness and Grief - from releasing expectations to celebration and rejuvenation

What you seek is already known.  it resides with

  • Access your intuition and Inner Wisdom.  Yes, you do have the ability. 

Radical Forgiveness.    Radical Acceptance

  • Mindfulness and compassion for your self and others  
  • Find all details in workshop tab 

Creating Peace in Everyday life with Heart Math Skills

Listen to the wisdom of your heart.  Improve your mental and emotional well-being.  

​Practical solutions to help you lower your stress, revitalize energy and resilience and restore your mental, emotional and physical balance.

reliable, scientifically based tools will help you bridge the connection between your heart and mind, and deepen your connection to the hearts of others.

Find peace.  Think clearly. Access your Intuition.   Enjoy life.

  •  $50 per 60-70 minute session.  4-6 weeks
  • 24% improvement in the ability to focus
    25% improvement in listening ability
    30% improvement in sleep
    46% drop in anxiety
    50% drop in fatigue
    60% drop in depression