Equine Facilitated Learning

With all that is happening in the news, the world, in families and communities, sometimes a child needs extra help in making sense of it all.  While wanting the best life for their child, parents are also affected, many times stressed and anxious and seeking support and answers.

The HeArt and Science of Horse Wisdom provides a quiet place, close in town, away from electronics, among Mesquites and horses to let down the guard, to breathe and relax.  Being out in nature, or Vitamin N, as some name it, is essential for health and well-being.  This is where learning occurs naturally.

When a young child or teen engages with a large sentient being – the horse –can you image what happens in their minds and their hearts?  Can you imagine how a parent can light up with hope and joy as they watch their child enjoying themselves while learning valuable life skills with the Horse?

The magic happens by offering a calm, safe, judgment free zone for the child to create, stand in and experience directly, their own wondrous, strong and beautiful self.

Through horse care, art, grooming, reading with horses, coloring in a book based on emotions and horses, playing, planning and creating an interactive memory book, leading, following and communicating – verbally and non-verbally the child will gain, in a relatively short time the following benefits, for which the science of neurobiology is providing clinical eviden

  • Engage fully in an activity with curiosity, listening, observing and reflecting
  • Understand and enhance awareness, empathy, compassion and kindness
  • Explore Boundaries – feeling, learning and protecting leading to self-respect and respect all living beings
  • Better understand emotions and the information they hold, leading to self-reliance
  • Increasing vocabulary around emotional intelligence
  • Awareness of non-verbal communication, calming through breath and the senses 
  • Learn to reduce stress and anxiety through adaptation, resilience and self-care
  • Building confidence, mastery, self-confidence, concentration and independence.

Safety skills and horse care are stressed on the first visit.  All activities are on the ground, with NO riding.

We practice Experiential Learning.   This is not considered conventional licensed therapy.  If you are working with a therapist, we collaborate with hands-on skills to augment your child behavioral skills plan either directly in the horse sessions with your therapist or with other modes of communication.

Diana Will     520-971-9717    

BSW. EponaQuest recommended instructor, HeartMath Certified coach, Reiki master

EFL for the Younger Child