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Have you ever watched how horses live life? Have you ever wondered at their ability to experience the emotions of freedom, love, exhilaration, and fear and then go back to the simple act of grazing? At The HeArt and Science of Horse Wisdom in Tucson, AZ, my horse, Myoho and I share the wisdom of Horse to people seeking their own sense of freedom  -  emotional, spiritual, psychological as a path to well-being and happiness.

Horses, along with other animals are leading the way forward.  Horses especially are master teachers.  We offer many short and longer sessions for adults and children seeking to transform stress and pain in their lives.

​Equine Facilitated Learning is really an exciting discipline that is both ancient and newly scientific.  It is experiential which means you learn by doing, by experiencing.  And the horse is the facilitator  who directs the session, rather than simply as an object that we do things to. It has been described as a fusion between education, therapy and fun. 

If you are willing to open up, to leave old patterns and beliefs for a moment, at the corral gate, this large sentient being will be your guide, your mirror in helping youreach a deeper level of your own authenticity, your own genius¸ trusting your own healing power to excavate your true desires and dreams.  With skill enhancing exercises, you will also access deeper wisdom and determination to take action to create the life you want.

And it can all be just as simple as learning to breathe.  In fact, check your breath right now.  Shallow and short?  You are compromising your pre-frontal cortex, staving off your thinking powers.  So, for 3 minutes, relax your stressed central nervous system by breathing slower and deeper – in and out for a slow count of 5-7.  Breathe deep down into your belly.   Relax your jaw. Loosen your tongue.  Follow your breath and take your mind off line.  Its just 3 minutes.  You can do this.  Feel Better?   We have so much more to share.  

Use the tabs above to find something that resonates.  All work and play with the horses is on the ground.  No riding and No experience is needed.  Not sure?  A bit afraid or anxious?  Lets start with an examination of fears and vulnerabilities. Our fees are reasonable.  You have really nothing to loose and so much to gain.  Enjoy!  




Welcome to The HeArt and Science of Horse Wisdom



"My time with Diana and the horses was magical. It melted all my stress away. I definitely felt a mind-body connection." ~~Colleen 

"I didn't know what to expect because I've not been around horses before - so I had some fear. But through Diana's gentle guidance I was able to relax and really connect to this amazing horse, Myoho. I was able to let go of much of my grief over the death of my mother. I felt held and accepted by the horse in a way I have not been able to in any other way. I don't know how to explain it. I feel much lighter and peaceful." ~~Molly 

"I'm tall, but I was still scared of horses. But when I started brushing the horse, I was able to let go of all the stress I came in with and felt a sense of tranquility I never felt before - kind of like a sunset over the ocean. I felt calm in myself. I learned how to breathe to relax and when I did, the horse relaxed. I now get that my emotions are contagious and that I can master them. I also learned what trust felt like on the inside and how I can use that in my life. Playing with a horse definitely opens your mind to new perspective rather than only believing old stories and viewpoints. I have now had three session and look forward to learning new things about myself." ~~Donald

Myoho met me at the gate and just stood with me.  Gently i realized she had moved me into the shade.  It was a very hot day.  It seemed as if she talked to me and shared that she had been hurt.  Abused.  i told her that i had been as well.  I had never told anyone in my life and i'm 76.  i had some tears and i looked up and touched her soft cheeks.  Then i noticed a tear in her eye.  I can't describe the deep sense of peace and comfort that welled up inside me.  It was if i finally let go of my terrible deep shame.  She wrapped be long neck around me and looked directly into my eyes.  Love just seemed to pour out and around us - like a bubble.  When we were complete she walked me back to the gate.  I felt light and alive and a new sense of energy.  This was beyond even what i write here.  Thank you Diana and Myoho for this heartfelt gift.​              ~~ Vera

My wife died over a year ago and i have not been able to let go.  i have been like a walking zombie.  Diana gave me an exercise to groom the horse.  Even though she gave me good instructions, i went right to work to clean the horse to the best of my ability.  Leaving no area untouched.  When i completed in what i thought was record time - mission accomplished, Diana had me start over really listening to her instruction.  Its not about the job, its about giving and receiving care and feeling the emotions  that come from that.  It was hard to slow down and breathe.  To feel.  Men don't do that.   But as i let myself feel the horses warm body and her soft skin and breathe in her scent i did began to feel.  And to cry.  For a good long time.  And even thought the hay came for her to eat and the wind picked up, she stayed with me and allowed me to hold on and cry.  There really is something that happens when you are close to this big animal.  This was the first time i was able to actually grieve my beautiful sweet wife.  This was a much needed experience and i'm very grateful.        ~~Dr. Jim